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Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter

Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter

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Amanda Vernon submitted this photo after 4 weeks of using Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter. Congrats on the wonderful results!

"I work sitting in an office all day long and barely have any time for exercising, so not only were my glutes super saggy and loose, I'd also noticed how my cellulites are getting worse and worse. One of my colleagues introduced me to this Brazilian Bewtie Body Butter. She said it worked for her and she had some killer glutes so I saw no reason not to try. I started using it everyday for a month. When I looked into the mirror, the cellulites had disappeared entirely. The overall muscle definition of my glutes and thighs have also been way more toned. This body butter had given me the glutes I thought I'd never have and I've never felt more confident!"

 - Amanda Vernon (35), New York

"I've always been very unsatisfied with the shape of my flat, pancake butt. There were also some annoying stretch marks all over the side of my hip. As a new stay at home mom, I couldn't find the time out of my schedule to do any workouts so I decided to give it a go. At first try, I was so smitten with the smell of it. It's a good mixture between coconut and caramel. There's a warming effect to it very quickly after putting it on. After using it for a little less than a month, I already saw the lifting effect in the mirror. My butt is finally a popping peachy shape and I couldn't be happier! I'll definitely keep on using it!"

 - Georgia Waters (31), Washington

"I had a destination wedding planned a year back and as the day got closer, I grew more and more self-conscious about how my bottom would look in a bikini. I wanted to look perfect for it but the cellulites and the super unflattering shape just wasn't helping at all. My bridesmaid got me this body butter and good gracious! I used it twice everyday just as instructed and the result came sooner than I thought! In just 1 month, it had totally lifted up my bottom and even got rid of the stubborn cellulites! I'm so thankful for it because now I actually feel prepared for my wedding!" 

 - Theresa Sanchez (34), Florida

Cellulites, stretch marks, sagging, and excessive fat mass in the buttocks have always been some major concerns to a lot of women. These issues can be traced back to multiple contributory factors, from dietary habits, lifestyle, genetics and even aging. While most people found it difficult to change their lifestyles, Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter has made it possible to get your ideal buttock without changing your habits. 


Understanding What Affects Your Buttock Appearance

Skin structure and the accumulation of fat mass will affect the appearance of the buttock in a prominent way. As you age, your body will lose their ability to produce as much collagen to support the skin structure, making it more susceptible to the emergence of wrinkles and cellulites. Together with higher fat accumulation due to slower metabolism, it would be significantly harder to achieve a lifted, smooth look for the buttocks. 

Luckily, the Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter might just be able to remedy that. 

Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter is formulated specifically to help attain the bubbly plump and smooth look for your buttock. Our potent formula including bee and guarana extract is targeted to stimulate the natural healing and rejuvenation process of your skin, allowing it to quickly restore the skin structure, stimulate collagen production, all the while reduce the accumulated fat mass in your buttock to give you a flawless lifted look. 

"The potency of Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter is undeniable. While most sculpting product on the market focused on regular caffeine, the guarana extract used in this Brazilian Bewtie Body Butter is proven to be 6 times more effective in fat burning and lifting up the shape. Bee venom stimulates the natural rejuvenation and recovery of the skin. This is an amazing combination if you're looking to get that gorgeous buttock." Recommended Dr Lauren M. Perry, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist with over 9 years experience. 

What Makes Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter So Effective? 

Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter consists of Bee Venom and Guarana Extract, both bestowing a powerful effect that benefits the lifting and firming of your buttock: 

Guarana Extract - Concentrated Caffeine

Caffeine is famous for its fat burning and sculpting benefit. Instead of opting for regular coffee, we used Guarana fruit, with 8 times higher caffeine content. The heightened caffeine concentrate allowed our body butter to eliminated excessive fat tissue and sculpt your ideal buttock 6 times faster

Bee Venom - Melittin

Bee venom contains Melittin, a crucial substance that is know to stimulate and activate the natural rejuvenation and healing process of your skin. Upon application, it can effectively enter your skin and kickstart the process for your skin to begin increasing the production of collagen and elastin, so as to strengthen and fortify your skin structure

The two come together in a complimentary effect by reducing fat mass in the buttock to prevent fat mass from overburdening your skin first, then rebuild a stronger skin structure to lift and keep cellulites from returning

With our heightened fat burning and sculpting power, over 98.6% users have found their ideal success after only 4 weeks of use. Among a 10000 user survey, over 98.4% have reported a significant reduction in their cellulites and over 97.8% have reported to have a clear lifting and firming effect to their buttocks. 

What Makes Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter A Great Choice? 

6 times more effective fat burning and sculpting

Eliminate cellulites

Stimulate natural rejuvenation

Boost collagen level and restore skin structure

Firm buttock tissue

Lift buttock shape

Improves buttock muscle and skin elasticity

Moisturise and pamper skin 

Even complexion and neutralise discoloration on the buttock area

Suitable for all skin types


See what other customers have to say about Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter: 

"I've wanted a more lifted and curved shape for my butt for such a long time. I'd considered getting a surgery done for it but eventually gave up because I was worried of the repercussions after hearing so many plastic surgery horror stories and I'm glad I didn't. I found Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter online and have been using it for around 4 weeks at this point. I use it every day. It's so luxurious and does give me that warming effect. It's warming, relaxing, so I kept using. I've noticed that my butt is finally getting the perfect C-curve now. The fat and the sagging are gone. When I touch it, it's full, firm and bouncy. I'm lovin' this result and this cream!"

 - Helena McPhee(31), Los Angeles


"My high school nickname was "boney butt" and things like that stick. I'll admit that I had my doubts when I got this but I did use it for about a month consistently. I put it on after I got up and before bed, because of how good it smelled and how moisturizing it felt on my skin. The warming sensation it has was so relaxing so it's a great step to unwind after a long day as well. But after a month, all my doubts were casted away. My butt feels a lot firmer and bouncier. While it grew in size just as I wanted, it's not fat tissue because it's firm. All I have to say is, the transformation is real, and it's superb. This cream truly holds up all its promises!" 

- Joyce Wagner (36), Texas

Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter

Furzero™ Brazilian Bewtie Bee Venom Body Butter

 (38,450 Reviews)
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