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GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream

GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream

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Olivia Martinez submitted this photo of her journey using the GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream. Congrats on the success!

“I've struggled with psoriasis for what feels like a lifetime, trying countless treatments to manage the relentless flare-ups. When I heard about the GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream I was both intrigued and skeptical. However, after incorporating it into my skincare routine, I'm amazed at the results. The soothing properties of bee venom have significantly reduced the inflammation and redness, providing me with much-needed relief. My skin feels smoother, calmer, and more manageable. It's been a transformative experience, and I can't recommend bee venom therapy enough to fellow psoriasis sufferers.”

"Living with psoriasis has been a challenging journey, leading me to explore various treatment options in search of relief. When I learned about the GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream, I was curious by its potential benefits. After using it consistently, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin. The cream's natural ingredients have helped to soothe inflammation and promote healing, providing much-needed relief. It's been a valuable addition to my skincare routine, and I highly recommend it to others dealing with psoriasis."  - Kristina Clark

Bee Venom : Natural Therapy for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a multifactorial autoimmune skin condition influenced by genetic predisposition, abnormal immune response, triggering factors, inflammation, and autoimmune dysfunction, affects approximately 125 million individuals worldwide.

The unique composition of bee venom, including components like phospholipase A2, hyaluronidase, apamin, and melittin, offers a multifaceted approach to target inflammation, promote healing, and potentially alleviate symptoms associated with psoriasis.

Phospholipase A2 & Hyaluronidase : Promising Antifungal Properties

Trichophyton rubrum (T. rubrum) is a common fungal pathogen often associated with psoriasis. T. rubrum belongs to a group of fungi known as dermatophytes, which can infect the skin and hair. PsoriX Bee Venom Cream harnesses two vital enzymes, Phospholipase A2 and Hyaluronidase, to destroy fungal cell membranes and degrade extracellular hyaluronic acid, potentially reducing fungal adhesion and invasion.

Apamin : Superlative Anti-Inflammatory Agents

One key factor contributing to inflammation in psoriasis is the overactivation of immune cells, particularly T cells. Within the complex composition of bee venom, a specific component called Apamin emerges as a key player with potent anti-inflammatory effects. Apamin has been found to inhibit the activation of T cells, particularly those involved in the inflammatory response.

Melittin : Healing Tool Box for Inflammation Skin

One primary mechanism through which melittin aids in skin healing is by stimulating the production of collagen. By promoting collagen synthesis, melittin helps strengthen the skin's integrity and facilitates the healing process.

Melittin possesses antimicrobial properties that contribute to wound healing. It exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, capable of inhibiting the growth of various bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains. By preventing bacterial overgrowth at the wound site, melittin helps create a more favorable environment for healing. 

100% Natural Active Compounds from Bee Venom

What Makes This GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Relieve skin itching

Eliminate scales and red patches

Alleviate pain or stinging

✅ Promote epidermal tissue repair

Improve skin cell activity

Visible results after 3 weeks application

Free of harmful ingredients

Cruelty-free formulation Recommended by dermatology experts.

Usage Directions

1. Start by washing and drying your affected area.

2. Apply a generous amount of GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream to the affected area.

3. Massage the cream into the skin until it is absorbed.

4. Allow the cream to remain on the skin for at least 15 minutes.

5. Repeat the process two to three times a day for best results.

6. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each application

Here are some of our happy customers:

"As someone who has struggled with psoriasis for years, finding relief from flare-ups has been a top priority. When I discovered GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream containing bee venom, I was intrigued by its potential benefits. After incorporating it into my daily skincare routine, I've experienced significant improvements in my psoriasis symptoms. The cream's soothing properties have calmed inflammation and reduced redness, providing much-needed relief. It's been a valuable addition to my skincare routine, and I highly recommend it to others dealing with psoriasis."

- Matthew Taylor

“I have struggled with psoriasis since I was 8 years old, and it covered my entire body, impacting my confidence and self-esteem. Despite trying various treatments like light boxes and tar products, I didn't see much improvement and felt resigned to live with it. And after hearing about this  GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream from a recommendation, I decided to give it a chance. Starting with my back, which were most affected, I used the cream twice a day. To my amazement, within just a week, my patches showed significant improvement. I am almost practically clear of any scaling on my body. I can't recommend this cream enough—it has truly made a difference!” 

- David Brown


GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream

GFOUK™ PsoriX Bee Venom Cream

 (38,450 Reviews)
Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price $49.99
SAVE 60% Sold out
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